About us

The GMP Group is one of the largest staffing and HR companies in Singapore.

Our "boutique" business units offer their own distinct services to cater to each niche our clients operate in.

News & Updates

We are looking for Process Technician for a new plant for next year, 2018. The plant is lo...
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Search for The Best Talents with The GMP Recruit
Our Role as Recruiters We hunt for talents and we connect them to the companies that woul...
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Enabling a Mature Workforce
It does not take an avid reader to notice the raising of Singapore's re-employment age to ...
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Obstacles Faced by Women in the Workplace
The past two centuries saw a boom of liberalism; through the success of the first and seco...
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Advantages of Hiring Through Recruitment Agencies in Singapore
While hiring in-house HR related staffs helps in hiring the right candidate to fill vacanc...
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What Stay-At-Home-Moms Can Do to Get Back to Work
As we celebrate International Women's Day 2017 today, let's see how we can empower stay-at...
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What’s more important than a fat paycheck?
Let's face it. Money matters.   But when it comes to success in your career, money ...
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The Problem with Performance Appraisals
Are staff performance appraisals a bane or a boon? Dread and foreboding is the typical fe...
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