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GMP Consultancy is a specialist division that provides outsourcing services as well as HR consultancy to employers on organisational development issues such as flexi work arrangements, work redesign and outplacement exercises. Our aim is to help our clients align their people strategies with business solutions. The specialist division leverages the expertise and competencies of the group’s other business units to provide clients with professional advice.

Outplacement services provide full support to organisations and employees before, during and after a retrenchment exercise leading to job placement support. In its continuous efforts to provide innovative HR solutions, GMP has launched a brand new service offering under the Outsourcing Division in April 2006 - Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of the staffing process to an external service provider. RPO is gaining popularity with the companies in the west. However, in Singapore and the region, GMP is one of the first to provide a total RPO solution to clients.

GMP Consultancy also provides working professionals and Singapore’s younger generation with professional advice on managing their careers.

Under the GMP Career Architects brand, we also help Singapore's younger generation acquire skills, attitudes and knowledge that will enable them to make successful transitions from school to the working world.

Some of the schools which have benefited from the program:

  • Anderson Secondary School
  • Bukit Batok Secondary School
  • Bedok Town Secondary School
  • Dunman High School
  • Fajar Secondary School
  • Hillgrove Secondary School
  • Siglap Secondary School
  • St. Gabriel’s Secondary School
  • Raffles Junior College

To contact GMP Consultancy, please call 6736 2022.

bright future

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